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An LLC does not necessarily protect you from liability from injury or other claims of third parties. Be sure you have the proper business insurance to protect you against negligence claims. Florida business owners can avoid unnecessary risk by establishing the proper business entity to operate their companies.


the business entity itself or other business owners the opportunity to purchase a departing owner’s business interest at a predetermined price or pursuant to a determined formula. This allows the business and the remaining owners to protect themselves from future adverse consequences, such as disruption of

Business Liability Protection: Corporation vs. Limited Liability Company. When it comes down to protecting the business owner’s personal assets from business obligations, the Corporation and LLC offer equal protection through state law. One primary differentiation is that LLC’s lack the long standing history of holding up in court.

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Which legal risks does a limited liability company not protect a business owner against? The legal protection that a limited liability company offers its owners is not perfect or complete. Yes, you always get at least some legal liability protection by using a limited liability company.

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Unfortunately, most small-business owners are unaware of all the potential risks that can harm their business and the options available to protect themselves. An asset-protection plan employs.

An LLC (limited liability company) is one of the most popular entity types chosen by new business owners and start-ups. It's of the easiest entity types to maintain with few annual requirements or ongoing filings, but it still provides the invaluable benefit of liability protection.