Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint [2017] Free Download

Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint [2017] Free Download 4.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.

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Robin Robins is the IT industry’s most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer and author who specializes in highly effective marketing strategies for VARs, systems integrators, MSPs, solution providers and IT consulting firms. She is the author of the Technology Marketing Toolkit and Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint.

No managed services business can thrive, be stable and have the funds to invest in properly serving clients without the ability to consistently bring in sales and new clients. The managed services marketing blueprint will help you build a marketing foundation to drive more, higher-quality managed services with absolutely no risk.

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The Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint is a complete, step-by- step marketing system to securing profitable new managed services contracts.To date, over 600 MSPs from around the country have used this system to fast-start their success in selling managed services.